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Get More Instagram Engagement

Tired of getting tumbleweed in your notifications tab? Here’s one thing you can do to get 10X more engagement on Instagram TODAY!

We’ve all been there. You took a banging photo of yourself, slaved over writing an epic caption, picked the “best” hashtags, hit “post” and then… nothing. Maybe a few likes from your friends in real life or bot accounts. You were looking for a wave of ideal clients to flood in but instead you got no genuine engagement. But how?

Remember, this is SOCIAL media after all! Instagram’s algorithm right now is driven by real engagement and relationships so you need to do more than just post about yourself. Spending time liking and commenting on other people’s posts means that they’re more likely to see your name, click on your profile and engage with your content in return. The way to get more Instagram engagement is to give engagement – it’s kind of like Christmas but all the time!

Answering people’s questions in comments and in direct messages is a sure fire way not just to earn a follower but also that person’s trust. This trust is the very first thing that your ideal clients want from you before they spend a penny!

If you do one thing this week, make it this: spend 20 minutes each day liking and commenting (real sentences not just “this is great” or “love this” only please) on posts from your ideal clients and influencers who do something similar to you.

Not only do genuine comments show that you are interested what people have to say but it also shows them that you’re not a bot and you’re not spam (neither of which contribute to growing your social media and your busieness). If any of your messages or comments are too generic then that is a huge turn off for your ideal clients and you might even get reported.

If you’re up for this challenge and think you can get more Instagram engagement then send me a message at @danibarker_media and I’ll check back with you in one week from now to see if what results you got!

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