If you really want to grow on social media then you need to get people to stop scrolling past your posts! In this post I’m sharing some of my top advice for standing out on social and getting noticed by your ideal clients.

Now, forget your diet for a second, what would be your dream cake? (Go as crazy as you like)

I’m going to guess it wasn’t a plain vanilla sponge but do correct me if I’m wrong!

Ok, now you’re probably thinking wtf has this got to do with social media?

Let me explain. If the content you’re posting is too plain and vanilla then people are just going to scroll right on past you in their feed! People aren’t liking, sharing, saving and raving about plain vanilla sponges. People want the unicorn fairy cakes with a candle on top because it’s interesting, it’s colourful and it stands out!

How can you be more like a unicorn fairy cake?

Let your personality shine! You are your own unique selling point. If you look and sound the same as everyone else that does what you do then you just won’t get noticed on social media.

One way you can do this is through the way you write your captions. I type the same way as I talk, sometimes it’s articulate, a lot of the time it’s not and sometimes I’ll drop some Mancunian slang into proper technical information just to jazz it up a bit because why freaking not. If you focus on connection instead of perfection, people will relate to you, remember you and keep coming back for more. Real engagement is the only metric that matters here.

Remember you’ve got to get people’s attention with the first line and make them click “… more”! So this is where you need to ask a question, share a shocking fact, offer to share a secret, be a bit controversial or say something funny.

Try some of these phrases to start your caption:

  • Did you know that….
  • I’m going to let you into a little secret…
  • You won’t believe this but…
  • [Statement] Agree or disagree?
  • If you think that [statement] then think again!
  • I’ve never shared this on social media before but…

What it all comes down to is that people want to connect with YOU. Share your story, what you’re working on right now, what you like, what you don’t like, what music you’re listening to, what makes you laugh… Share what makes you YOU, in your own words and you will get people to stop scrolling and start attracting the followers that you really want.

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