Does the thought of building your personal brand ever make your mind race with questions and doubts?

  • I’m not “ ____ “ enough
  • There’s a ton of people doing what I do already
  • I’m overwhelmed and I don’t even know where to start

I’ve been there. Your personal brand is important to you. It’s precious and you only get one! So, heck yes! You want to get it right!

But here’s the thing… you can’t just start with a “perfect” personal brand.

In fact, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” personal brand at all!

Your personal brand is YOU.

You start building your personal brand on social as soon as you start showing up and sharing content. Then, you build your personal brand by continuing to show up and share content consistently.

More about that in a second, but first let’s quickly clear up what your personal brand is NOT.

Your personal brand is not…

  • Your logo
  • Your website
  • Your business card
  • Your products or merchandise

None of these things make you, you.

There are people out there in the world that are already doing the thing that you do. Some of them might be doing it better than you. Some of them might have been doing it longer than you. Some of them might have more money, a faster car or a nicer house but there’s one thing that none of them will ever have. That my friend, is YOU.

Be your own unique selling point.

There is only one of you. No-one else that does what you do will ever be able to speak with your voice, listen with your ears, think your thoughts, share your own story or lead the community that you build around your business. You are something special so don’t forget it.

So the key to building a successful personal brand on social media is actually not-so-secret at all. Your personal brand just needs to be personal!

How can you step into your personal brand and help it to grow? What does this all look like in practice?

  1. Share content to at least one of your social media platforms DAILY. Instagram stories are only 15 seconds long so I’m afraid I won’t be accepting “I don’t have enough time” as an excuse!
  2. Create video content. Video content (especially live video content) is the most powerful type of content you can create because people have the chance not only to read your captions or look at your photos but they get to listen to your voice and watch you in person. Your followers will learn to trust you more when they can actually see you, hear you and connect with you so it’s time to stop hiding behind stock photos and quote posts.
  3. Give the engagement that you would like to receive. Just posting your content every day and considering it “done” isn’t enough. Spend a little time every day (15 to 30 minutes) to engage with your community with intention. Reply to people that comment on your posts, comment on other people’s posts, message people, compliment them, celebrate with them and lift them higher because they will lift you higher in return.

PS. Get a head start on steps 1 and 3 here by making sure you’ve got a copy of my FREE Content Planning Guide and Instagram Growth Checklist.

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Your personal brand is the impression you make on people, the reputation you build and the community that you nurture and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through creating and sharing valuable and authentic content online.

Don’t be afraid to step into your brand because you are the only person that can.

Now go do your thing!

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