So you really think that no-one cares about what you have to say on social media?

Even if you only had 20 followers, if these 20 people all showed up at your house at once would you still think that there’s “no-one” there? That no-one cares? Come on, 20 people is more than enough to throw a party!

Now imagine if you only had a few hundred or a few thousand followers. That’s enough to fill a theatre, maybe even an arena! That’s a whole venue filled with people who have chosen to hit that follow button because they want to listen to YOU!

If creating content for 20 followers isn’t getting you excited, I can tell you now that creating the same content for 20,000 people won’t either.

The amount of followers you have doesn’t need to change. Your content does.

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As soon as you start showing up as yourself, in a way that you enjoy showing up in, everything changes.

This is because you’re not showing up how you think you should show up or how someone else told you to show up anymore. You are showing up as yourself and you are sharing what you want to become known for.

Some people might like you, some people might not mind too much and some people won’t like you but the only people that matter are the ones that are going to stick with you for the long haul! These are the people that feel like they know you and trust you as an expert in your field and as a human that they can turn to when they need help.

To tell the truth, the most optimal approach to your social media is the most AUTHENTIC approach! People have to connect and relate to YOU before they decide to follow you or buy from you so if you’re not being yourself then you’re not going to attract the right people to your page or your business!

To bring this post to a close, ask yourself this: Are you being yourself on social media?

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