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I coach entrepreneurs in the health, fitness and wellness industry to efficiently and effectively grow their personal brand and business using social media without stress or overwhelm. Book your complimentary clarity call with me, Dani, to find out what your next step needs to be.

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Hi, I'm Dani

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I’m a social media and online business coach on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to establish and scale their online brand and business.

I work with driven minds just like yours that want to quit the stress and overwhelm, and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure.

Do you have a business or an idea you are passionate about but you feel like you don’t have the time or the tools to actually make it work? Are you tired of trading your time for money when you know that you could have a wildy successful online business like other coaches you follow?

No worries! I’ve got your back! As your coach, I’ll guide and support you in efficiently and effectively growing your personal brand and business so that you can fill your life with more of the things you love!

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It's amazing what we can accomplish when we work together....

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What My Incredible Clients Say

  • Dani has been a fantastic Social Media Coach for me these past two months. She has been so prepared in giving me clear guidelines on how to promote my business, expand my social media skills and create a mailing list. The one to one sessions were fast paced, comprehensive yet straightforward. I was surprised at how much I learned.

    Stephanie Newton Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner
  • I've been working with Dani for over 6 months now and she has totally transformed my social media presence online, increasing traffic to my website which is resulting in more clients and more sales. She's taken a keen interest in my business and is a hugely valuable part of my team.

    Sarah D Rees Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in Private Practice
  • To cut a long story short, I've now gone from staring at a blank facebook post for an entire evening to writing and creating content daily for both Insta and FB. My followers on Insta are nearing three figures - a big step forward for me. My post reach is regularly hitting 3 figures, with engagement increasing also. I'm super proud of the content I'm now able to plan and publish, and am looking forward to now developing my website, and hopefully taking on my first online clients. This just simply wouldn't have happened if wasn't for Dani's fab coaching, ongoing support and advice.

    Kay Chivers Certified Personal Trainer
  • Do you have what it takes to be the next success story on this page? If you find social media TIRING, STRESSFUL and OVERWHELMING but you’re ready to SHOW UP, TAKE ACTION and STICK AT IT then I would love to speak with you! You have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain... what are you waiting for?

    Could this be you? Ambitious and hard-working business owner

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