Here are some of our top client results from online entrepreneurs that we’ve had the privilege of working with. 

Dani has been a fantastic Social Media Coach for me these past two months. She has been so prepared in giving me clear guidelines on how to promote my business, expand my social media skills and create a mailing list. Using a variety of platforms she gave me training on how to use social media so that I’d be able to reach more people.
Stephanie Newton Advanced Hypnotherapist
Stephanie Newton
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practicioner
I've been working with Dani for over 6 months now and she has totally transformed my social media presence online, increasing traffic to my website which is resulting in more clients and more sales. She's taken a keen interest in my business and is a hugely valuable part of my team.
Sarah D Rees
Sarah D Rees
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in Private Practice
I wanted to transfer my coaching and nutritional advice service online for sometime. The challenge? Absolutely no clue what I needed to do, what content to create, and as I hold a full time office job, was really struggling with time. With Dani's fab coaching and ongoing support, I've now gone from staring at a blank facebook post for an entire evening to writing and creating content daily for both Instagram and Facebook. I actually ENJOY it!
Kay Chivers Personal Trainer
Kay Chivers
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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